March 2019 Updates Archive

India: Market Insights for the Omni Processor – Landscape Report

A companion to the India – Market Insights for the Omni Processor Report, this Landscape Report provides an overview of the FSM landscape in India, with a focus on current sanitation coverage levels across the value chain, the financing landscape, technology procurement process, and common business models for FSM in India. Insights into the key drivers of gaps across the FSM value chain are provided, along with innovative approaches to bridge those gaps.

Key topics:

  • Sanitation coverage
  • Finance landscape
  • Technology procurement
  • Business models
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New Voiceover Recording Available: Market Insights for the Reinvented Toilet: India

A new slideshow-style voiceover recording has been produced for the FSG market insights study for the RT in India. This recording aims to help orient readers to the document, explain key concepts and insights, and point readers toward additional relevant information. This FSG study focused on the market opportunity in India looking primarily through the lens of the two RT categories separately: single use RT (SURT) and multi-use RT (MURT). The study focuses on the unique characteristics of each SURT and MURT customer segment including describing the mental context, buying process for a toilet, spend on analogous products and services, and which features of an RT is valued most. The study utilized a combination of expert interviews, secondary research, and synthesis along with consumer insight interviews conducted across Lucknow, Patna, Pune, and Coimbatore.

Key Topics:

  • Stakeholder map
  • Market understanding for the SURT
  • Market understanding for the MURT
  • Market understanding of public sector constructions
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New Report Available for Download: Business Model Insights for Community and Public Toilets in India

In India, despite increased government investment and private- and civil-sector engagement, ample room for improvement in community and public toilet (CPT) quality and service delivery still exists. Sparse evidence of sustainable CPT business models limits the sector’s knowledge of how business model innovation could transform the future of CPTs in India. Multiple organizations — five of which are featured in this report — are actively innovating their business models to address persistent challenges. Case studies from other sectors – including water, renewable energy, and agriculture – show how similar challenges are being tackled with business model innovations for other base-of-pyramid markets. These organizational examples offer important lessons and inspiration for the sanitation sector in India and other contexts that rely heavily on shared sanitation infrastructure.

Key Topics:

  • Base-of-pyramid markets
  • Community and public toilet (CPT) market
  • CPT business model innovations
  • Business model innovations from other sectors
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New Report Available from BCG: Reinvented Toilet Early Adopter Compendium

Between 2017-2018, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) undertook a series of studies to investigate the potential market size for the Reinvented Toilet (RT) and potential market entry strategies. This report profiles 8 potential early adopter segments for the RT: U.S. Military; Refugees; Tourism Sites in China and India; Hospitals in India; Eager Municipalities in China; Green Buildings; Trains in India; and U.S. National Parks. Many of these early adopter segments hold potential to unlock other ‘global access’ markets – including the 4.5 billion people globally living without access to safely managed sanitation – by demonstrating the transformative power of these technologies, driving down costs, and generating insights to refine product design for mass market appeal. This report examines where the highest unlock potential for the RT might reside and how those early adopter segments might be leveraged to expand into other global access markets.

Key Topics:

  • Framework for Prioritization
  • Early Adopter Launch Strategy
  • Segment Deep Dives
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New Database Available – Sanitation Technology Funder Database

This database serves as a complementary resource to the Sanitation Technology Funder Landscape report developed by STeP in September 2018. The report and supporting database highlight potential resources to validate new sanitation technologies and prepare for market entry. Specific emphasis was put on funders that may support technical pilot testing, market field trials, business model experimentation, and other “validate” and “prepare” activities.

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