June 2018 STeP Updates Archive

Coimbatore, India Stakeholder Meeting

STeP hosted a stakeholder meeting in Coimbatore on February 7, 2018 with our local partners for field testing. The partners include academics and four private organizations that provide installation sites and technical and analytical services that enable comprehensive studies on the systems.

The goal was to share accomplishments of the past years and describe planned activities throughout 2018. Presentations by STeP technical staff members described accomplishments of the past years and planned activities. The participants engaged in Q&A and were fully supportive of continued field testing activities.

Stakeholders shared positive feedback during the event, including:

“This [Reinvented Toilet] fits well with Indian government, making Coimbatore one of the “smart, green cities” in India…and once these RT technologies are ready for manufacturing, Coimbatore has also a good industrial capability to fabricate the system” – Mr. V. Jaganathan, PSG General Manager [note: Coimbatore was in the first round of 20 winners selected for the Smart City Mission implemented by India Union Ministry of Urban development]

Images from the stakeholder meeting in Coimbatore held on February 7, 2018.

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The newly revamped STeP Resource Center is live!

The Resource Center on the STeP website recently underwent a renovation to make it totally open access and user-friendly. Users can now access and download all reports and resources directly from the site without having to first login.

Reports and resources are now organized around three portfolios of information:

Reinvented Toilet

Including topics such as:

  • What is the global market opportunity for the RT technologies?
  • How do RT technologies compare against existing sanitation solutions?
  • Who are potential buyers and users of RT technologies?

Omni Processor

Including topics such as:

  • What is the global market opportunity for the Omni Processor portfolio? What are the use cases for the Omni Processor technologies?
  • What are the economics of the OP portfolio? How do I build the business case (including output valuation)?
  • What is the value proposition of the OP? How does the OP compare against existing sanitation solutions?

Field Testing and Supporting Activities

Including topics such as:

  • Applying a user-centered design approach to the Reinvented Toilet development process
  • STeP Global Testing Protocols and Parameters
  • Ethics and Safety Guide

If you haven’t already signed up to receive updates when new reports are released, we encourage you to do so here!

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