February 2019 Updates Archive

New Report Available for Download: India Market Insights for the OP

India – Market Insights for the Omni Processor provides an in-depth look at the Omni Processor (OP) market opportunity in India. The study – conducted by Dalberg Advisors in July 2018 – provides a detailed overview of the unique sanitation landscape of India, defines OP market segments and potential value propositions for key segments, and presents technical requirements an OP would need to meet to achieve the value proposition in each. The study also presents go-to-market recommendations including technical, commercial, and ecosystem considerations. A companion Landscape Report is also available, providing an overview of the FSM landscape in India.

Key Topics

  • Sanitation market landscape
  • Market segments
  • Value proposition
  • Go-to-market recommendations
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New Report Available for Download: How to Conduct an Investors’ Meeting

Attracting investment will require capable and committed local partners as well as a compelling business case. Certain investors may also be highly motivated by positive impact for public health and for the environment. To stimulate investment in the commercial Omni Processor unit headed for Dakar, ONAS, along with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation convened an investors meeting in 2016. Explore when, why and how to conduct an investors’ meeting including: who to invite, what types of information you should be prepared to share and what outcomes to expect.

Key Topics:

  • Meeting management, structure and logistics
  • Target Objectives
  • Key Stakeholders, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Information sharing- what to share and how to share it
  • Actual Outcomes
  • Lessons Learned
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New Report Available for Download: Senegal Water Markets

In 2016, AfriDev conducted a preliminary evaluation of three potential markets for water in Senegal. Evaluated markets include: drinking water, coolant and distilled water. This market assessment explores market size, current pricing as well as market trends.

Key Topics:

  • Market Size
  • Current Pricing
  • Leading Brands and Providers
  • Buyers
  • Market Trends
  • Buyer Preferences
  • Marketing Recommendations from AfriDev
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New Report Available for Download: A J-OP Case Study: Dakar, Senegal

To de-risk the technology and enable widespread commercial deployment, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported the establishment of a pilot Janicki Omni Processor (J-OP) in Dakar, Senegal in 2015. The project was undertaken through local partners ONAS and Delvic and the city is now preparing to install the first commercial system in early 2019. Learn about why Dakar was chosen, explore the business case for the commercial unit, and understand the roles and responsibilities of key project partners. View the full report and a 2-page summary report using the link below.

Key topics:

  • Senegal’s sanitation landscape
  • J-OP Project Design: from pilot to commercial unit
  • J-OP financial sustainability
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New Publication Available for Download: User-Centered Design for Sanitation Technologies

Authored by several partners – including STeP, Duke University, and Biomass Controls – this research brief identifies toilet and sanitation technology preferences, amenities, and attributes influential in promoting adoption of improved sanitation technologies among potential user populations. Drawing on a 1,200 household survey and 60 focus groups conducted in low-income, urban communities of Gujarat, India, this work is focused on insights related to Reinvented Toilet (RT) systems. This work discusses potential barriers to toilet adoption and considerations for sanitation system design.

Key Topics:

  • User Centered Design
  • Reinvented Toilet
  • Field Testing, Design and Engineering
  • User Adoption
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New Report Available for Download: Transforming Sanitation: Commercializing Partnership Opportunities

The Reinvented Toilet offers a meaningful and accessible business opportunity with tremendous potential to alleviate human suffering. Boston Consulting Group performed a global market assessment in Fall of 2017 to quantify this opportunity across several geographies – including deep dives into the markets for India, China, the US, Europe, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. This report provides a summary of market opportunities for the RT across the globe, including a look at market segments that are ready for the RT now, and recommendations for how to get started with a go-to-market strategy. In-depth assessments for each country are provided in separate reports.

Key Topics:

  • RT market opportunity 
  • Unmet needs and macro trends 
  • Value proposition 
  • Go-to-market recommendations
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Gender Evidence Review and Gender Case Studies

STeP or Partner: Partner
Country of focus: Global
Published date: December 2018

Brief description:

Gender matters in sanitation. Emerging evidence shows that gender differences and dynamics along the sanitation value chain can influence people’s access to sanitation as well as their health, development, and empowerment, especially for the most vulnerable. Beyond biological differences between men and women, cultural practices, beliefs, and gendered social norms lead to disparities in men’s and women’s access to sanitation facilities, influence roles and responsibilities in the household, and affect decision-making power. Building on existing momentum and meaningfully applying a gender lens across the sanitation value chain can considerably improve sanitation outcomes. This report provides a review of the current evidence available on gender in sanitation and concludes with key learnings to help advance research and understanding.

Key topics:

  • Poor sanitation and outcome disparities
  • Gender differences along the sanitation value chain
  • Gender and it’s role in sanitation policy
  • Emerging approaches to gender integration in development
  • Conclusions and key learnings
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Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) of Model Fecal-Sludge Management and Sewer-Based Systems in India

The value proposition of a given technology is in part, driven by whether it can compete on cost with incumbent technologies. This analysis explores the levelized cost of treatment of fecal sludge management (FSM) and sewer-based systems currently in use in India to determine where OP technologies can best compete and what cost targets must likely be achieved to compete in those markets. For the analysis, a cost framework tool was created that generates capital, operating, and all-in cost curves on a per-population-equivalent basis for modelled incumbent systems.

Key topics:

  • Lifecycle costs
  • Cost competitiveness of sewer-based versus non-sewer based solutions
  • System capital and operating costs
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