Move technologies from prototype to product

STeP offers an integrated and disciplined approach to moving technologies from prototype to product while being adaptive to partners’ needs. Given the scale of the sanitation challenges in the world and need for new solutions, they know many sanitation technologies will be required – one size will not fit all.

Accelerating testing & commercialization.

The STeP Six is a suite of services designed to address all facets of technology testing and commercialization.

Field Testing

Field test with local partners in the target markets to inform design and development.

  • Study design
  • Safety and operations testing
  • Data analysis
  • Training and test preparation
Logistics & Management

Develop and execute a concrete plan covering all logistics and management.

  • Site selection and preparation
  • Shipping and customs
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation and decommissioning
Rules & Regulations

Adhere to organizational and local rules and regulations to gain permissions for testing and support standards.

  • Institutional Review Boards
  • Informed consent
  • Standards
  • Permissions
User Insights

Gain user insights to support data-driven decisions and inform design.

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • User Insights
  • Tech-user assessments
  • Design-led innovation support
Market Intelligence & Business Planning

Design a strong business plan for your idea using market intelligence.

  • Quantification and segmentation
  • Business model design
  • Value proposition and use case
  • Value chain analysis
Technology Transfer

Make critical connections to support technology transfer and business launch.

  • Global access and IP strategies
  • Technology transfer support
  • Partner mapping and insights
  • Corporate partner engagement

STeP is a collaboration platform of support for partners of the Gates Foundation that is, itself, based on partnership. Together, with leading organizations, universities, and experts around the world, STeP delivers expertise and support in market intelligence, engineering and technical support, research and testing capabilities, user insights, commercialization, and more. Our service partners include:

Access three case studies on how leading firms organize for new business growth in emerging economies.

Additional resources are available in STeP’s Resource Center.