Preparing for Commercial Field Testing of the Janicki Omni Processor

This report captures lessons learned by DELVIC Sanitation Initiatives in preparing for the commercial field test of the Janicki Omni Processor, a fecal sludge waste-to-resource technology. While DELVIC is based in Senegal, the lessons they have learned may be useful to others planning commercial evaluations of fecal sludge waste-to-resource technologies in other contexts.

Key topics:

  • Treating fecal sludge as feedstock, not waste
  • Navigating the permitting process
  • Selecting and developing by-product sales channels
  • Preparing for the capital raise
  • Executing the capital raise



STeP, USAID and DELVIC Sanitation Initiatives

Country of focus:



April 2020


compost, coolant, debt, electricity, equity, fecal sludge treatment plant, fertilizer, flocculation, FSTP, grid, ONAS, Sedron, technical pilot, USAID, water, ash

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