Conducting User Studies for the Reinvented Toilet: Applying User-Centered Design in the Field

This guide is aimed at helping technology providers, commercial partners, or those new to the process of conducting user studies understand the importance of and how to conduct user studies for Reinvented Toilet (RT) development. At their core, user studies build insights around users and potential users of a system or technology in order to ensure that users may be willing to use the product once it enters the market. Engaging users early in the design and product engineering process helps to enhance market entry success, beginning with initial adoption of a product and its sustained use. This resource guides readers into important steps and considerations for conducting sanitation-focused user studies, including user study planning, preparation, data collection, analysis and action (translating findings into product design).




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March 2020


user study, user centered design, users, human centered design, research guide, gender

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