Fecal Sludge Treatment Technology Decision Support Trees

As municipal decision-makers consider available treatment solutions for managing fecal sludge waste streams, critical factors such as land availability and cost, the importance of water reclamation and complete pathogen destruction may influence selection of one technology over another. Based on city archetypes and key value drivers identified in STeP’s Market Insights for the Omni Processor, along with cost drivers identified in STeP’s Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) of Model Fecal-Sludge Management and Sewer-Based Systems in India, these decision trees can serve as a starting point for selecting best-fit FS treatment technologies.

Key topics

  • Omni processors
  • Fecal sludge treatment technologies
  • Technology selection



Country of focus:



January 2020


Omni processor, OP, value proposition, decision making, fecal sludge treatment, technology, model systems

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