On Demand Webinar: The Reinvented Toilet – Technology and Opportunity Overview

Sep 19, 2019

Interested in knowing more about the reinvented toilet? View our on demand webinar in which hosts Andrea Stowell and Cary Strickland cover the benefits of the reinvented toilet, the global market opportunity, and the current stage of development of SURT and MURT technologies.

They will also share an overview of the Transformative Sanitation Technology Directory, an online resource anyone can use to find information about the technologies that have been developed with support from the Gates Foundation. The directory enables visitors to

  • identify potential technology solutions for licensing or partnership
  • evaluate sub-systems for integrating their own portfolios,
  • explore complementary technologies such as menstrual hygiene management systems or novel toilet interfaces, or
  • identify technologies that will meet the needs of their city, building, or other use case.
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