Nano Membrane Toilet Business Exploitation Plan

Using the Kenyan market (and Nairobi) as a case study, this report employs the business model canvas framework to explore the market potential for the Nano Membrane Toilet (NMT) in urban Sub-Saharan Africa. The study generated two outputs: this report, and a suite of basic financial modeling spreadsheet tools assessing the commercial viability of the NMT in 3 market segments. The report and the suite of tools are rich with insights for Reinvented Toilet developers in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond. They were developed through a combination of secondary research, stakeholder interviews, and financial modeling activities led by Practical Action Consulting and Scene Connect consultants, for Cranfield University. The financial modeling tools accompanying the report are available on request.

Key topics

  • Primary customer segments
  • Value propositions by customer segment
  • Distribution models
  • Cost structure and revenue streams



Practical Action Consulting International, Scene Connect

Country of focus:

Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa


June 2019

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