Transforming Sanitation: Commercializing Partnership Opportunities

The Reinvented Toilet offers a meaningful and accessible business opportunity with tremendous potential to alleviate human suffering. Boston Consulting Group performed a global market assessment in Fall of 2017 to quantify this opportunity across several geographies – including deep dives into the markets for India, China, the US, Europe, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. This report provides a summary of market opportunities for the RT across the globe, including a look at market segments that are ready for the RT now, and recommendations for how to get started with a go-to-market strategy. In-depth assessments for each country are provided in separate reports.

Key topics

  • RT market opportunity
  • Unmet needs and macro trends
  • Value proposition
  • Go-to-market recommendations

Tech Disruption Comes to Global Sanitation: To help save millions of people from early death and disease, forward-thinking companies could soon be turning a low-tech problem into the next tech-powered disruption—an approach that makes it possible for businesses to do well while doing good. This potential double win exists thanks to a piece of technology that rarely comes to mind when thinking of new business opportunities and global markets: the humble toilet. Read BCG’s article about the Reinvented Toilets here.




Country of focus:



December 2017


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