An Assessment of Small-Scale STP Technologies: India

Partners aiming to commercialize and launch novel sanitation technologies will likely wish to understand the current technology landscape. This study undertook a secondary data search for small-scale STP technologies (MBBRs, SBRs, MBRs) to provide background and context around existing STP solutions in India. The same stakeholders and potential customer segments for the small-scale STPs (e.g. building owners, developers, contractors) in India are relevant for MURTs.

Key topics

  • STP descriptions and configurations
  • Feature and Performance Comparison for 3 STP Types
  • Cost Comparison for 3 STP Types
  • Additional Market Observations
  • Examples of Each STP Type




Country of focus:



May 2017


sewage, price, business model, data, Go-to-market, G2M, OP, Omni Processor, bioreactor, membrane, tamil nadu, maharashtra, karnataka, gujarat

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